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Outlook Sync calendar and tasks Error code 80043bec in Nokia smart Phones.

Outlook is a widely used mailing application which not only supports PC but with the help of Outlook application you are able to connect your smart phones and retrieve their mails in your PC. One of such smart phone which uses Outlook for retrieving mails is Nokia smart phone series. These Nokia smart Phones uses OVI platform to sync mailing applications of Nokia and Windows so that you can easily get your mails over your configured Outlook. But sometimes when you try to connect your Nokia Smart Phones with your PC running XP as OS syncing of the calendar and tasks fails with emerging error message “Calendar and tasks not synced Selected folder could not be found. Create or select another Personal Folders file in Microsoft Outlook. Then sync again. Error code 80043bec.” with a full log details. This is mainly due to sync calendar and tasks Error code 80043bec in Nokia OVI suite.

There are many reasons for the eruption of sync calendar and tasks Error code 80043bec error in Nokia OVI suite when they are unable to sync with the Windows Outlook applications and you are not able to retrieve your mails as well as update your contacts and calenders. This error may occur due to improper installation of OVI suite or due to its incorrect version. This sync error can also occur due to any Outlook corruption issues. In order to fix sync calendar and tasks Error code 80043bec you need to check the version of OVI suite. If you have wrong version installed then uninstall the application and install the correct version immediately.

However after installing an update still the problem have appears then it may be because the configuration of the sync engine have become invalid. Then if you change any of the calender sync settings through the option dialog box, the configuration is written again and it might solve the problem. Still if the sync fails you need to forcefully delete the configuration by removing your device from OVI suite via Tools--> Options-->Remove this device. Once you add the device back to OVI Suite and reconfigure the sync settings the configuration will be written and you will be able to sync back your calenders and tasks from Nokia smart Phones to Outlook applications.

Still if you are unable to solve the sync calendar and tasks Error code 80043bec then problem does not exist in the Nokia Phone's OVI suite but it may be in the Outlook installed over your windows. Synchronization problem occurs when you have an corruption in Outlook files which may be due to may reasons like virus infections which can be removed by using anti-virus applications. Main reason of corruption in Outlook is PST. PST get corrupted due to the heavy attachments or virus attacks or corrupted registry and as a result Outlook get inaccessible and user is not able to perform any synchronization. With the help of PST repair software you can easily repair Outlook corruptions. It is an easy to use application which easily detects Outlook corruptions and repairs them and restores data back to its original location.

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