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Outlook doesn't start making your mails inaccessible.

Outlook is an important mailing application used by millions of windows user to keep their mails, calenders and other data at one place. With the help of Outlook it gets easy to work over mails. Outlooks allows user to work on their mail account online and off-line. But most of the time due to some uncertain issue your outlook doesn't start and you are not able to access your mails. Outlook does not start due to various corruption issues like a faulty mail profile, corrupted add-ins, damaged data files, or due to virus infections. Any of the above issue will not allow you to access your mails. So it is extremely important to fix the issue as soon as possible and make your Outlook data accessible again.

In order to solve outlook doesn't start issue you need to look for each and every corruption in the Outlook. With the help of following steps you can easily fix this outlook issue and enjoy working again....!!!

Disable add-ins: - if your Outlook works correctly in the safe mode them there might be some issue with the add-ins. To resolve the issue start outlook in safe mode and disable the add-ins and start Outlook normally and see if it works now. If your outlook works then enable the add-ins one by one until outlook fails to load again. The add-ins which was activated last might be the reason for the corruption. Reinstall the add-ins again and outlook doesn't start issue will be automatically solved.

You cane enable and disable the add-ins from following locations: -

  • Outlook 2003 and previous
    Tools-> Options-> tab Other-> button Advanced E-mail Options…-> button Add-In Manager…/COM Add-ins…
  • Outlook 2007
    Tools-> Trust Center…-> section Add-Ins
  • Outlook 2010
    File-> Options-> section Add-Ins

Use Scanpst.exe to fix data file errors of Outlook : - Outlook doesn't start may be the result of corrupted outlook data files. So it is necessary to fix Outlook data file corruption with the help of scanpst.exe repair utility. Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt outlook repair tool that fixes common data file error in Outlook and will resolve the issue.

Recreate your mail profile in Outlook: - Outlook doesn't start can occur due to damaged mail profile. So in order to fix the error recreate your mail profile again through mail applet in Control Panel. Add a new mail profile without deleting the previous one and look if the issue is solved. If issue is solved then the error was result of a faulty mail profile.

Use a repair software to fix the issue: - If above steps fails to solve the outlook doesn't start issue of Windows. Then there might be some serious damage to your Outlook application by some other reason which can be fixed with the help of PST repair software. This software not only fixes the errors but also install recent updates without any data loss. You can also reinstall your Outlook but reinstalling outlook deletes your mail data which cannot be recovered. So it is good to use PST repair software and get rid of the error. These are easy to use software with interactive UI to guide you through the recovery process.

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