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Looking to rectify the Olmapi32.dll Outlook 2007 issue?

How to glue the Olmapi32.dll issue of MS Outlook 2007?

Is it possible to resolve the problem of Olmapi32.dll of Outlook 2007?

Olmapi32.dll file is an Outlook MAPI32. program file which is of a great importance. When any corruption or damage to this file occur several error messages are thrown when users try to access Microsoft Outlook or its built-in utilities like Scanpst.exe. At the same time MS Outlook’s PST file where the entire information is stored also becomes inaccessible. This mainly happens due to the failure of Olmapi32.dll files which plays a very vital role in the smooth execution of Microsoft Outlook. The main reason behind this type of behavior includes damaged Outlook installation or Olmapi32.dll file missing from MS Outlook folder.

Consider the following situation to understand the whole scenario effectively. User downloaded the entire Office 2007 Suite and installed it in the system. Every application in it is working beautifully except MS Outlook application. Outlook 2007 has worked pretty well initially but later it kept on asking for the installation of Desktop Search. As per instructed user installed the Desktop Search and then tried to use MS Outlook, but the application is not opening. Now when an attempt made by the user to open Outlook 2007 an error message flashed which says user need to open the Outlook 2007 in a safe mode. When user clicked the ‘OK’ button, an error box is displayed with “Olmapi32.dll” message and ‘OK’ button. When user again pressed the ‘OK’ button, a box opened which says MS Outlook 2007 has encountered a problem and need to be closed, soon after that the application closed. When user tried to uninstall the whole office suite and re-install it, the action was simply not completing and the problem persists.

From the above mentioned scenario it is quite clear that due to the corruption, damage or missing of Olmapi32.dll file in Outlook 2007 all the problems are occurring. So, in order to rectify the issue and to make the Outlook 2007 functional user need to either download Olmapi32.dll file and fix the issue or need to use any third party software like PST Repair software which will effectively and efficiently scans the PST file and repairs it.

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