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Olmapi32.dll Missing or Not Found

Looking to rectify the error messages related to Olmapi32.dll file?

How to get rid of ‘Olmapi32.dll missing or not found’ error messages?

Is it possible to resolve the ‘Olmapi32.dll was not found’ error message?

Olmapi32.dll file plays an important role for the proper functioning of Outlook’s messaging service. But this file is quite susceptible to corruption or damage due to which user encounter several error messages related to it. As a result Outlook’s performance degraded considerably and in extreme cases it refuses to star as well. It’s no exaggeration to say that this type of behavior is experienced because of improper functioning of MAPI32.dll program file. Users get to know about this Outlook’s abnormality because of error messages which is thrown when attempt is made to restart the application again and again. Among the error messages some of the very common error messages are – “Olmapi32.dll Missing”, “olmapi32.dll not found”, “olmapi32.dll was not found” etc.

These error messages clearly indicate that the file which MS Outlook is looking i.e. olmapi32.dll is missing and can not be found. As this DLL file is very important its loss will result into abnormal behavior of MS Outlook which will affect its initiation process. This peculiar issue might have originated from the operating system’s registry which is supposed to through this kind of error messages when it gets corrupt or damage. Windows uses registry to manage all the settings and paths that is needed to execute any software and hardware and if any problem occurs to it then it could be the root cause of application related problems as improper functioning of MS Outlook. There can be other reasons as well which will provoke MS Outlook to behave abnormally and to throw error messages like “Olmapi32.dll not found”, “olmapi32.dll missing”, “olmapi32.dll was not found” etc. So, in order to rectify this issue some measures need to be taken so that MS Outlook can be used again.

For that, as a first step reinstall the MS Office and see if the problem is resolved. If it does not resolves the issue then simply download olmapi32.dll file and replace it with the existing one. Or you can also rename the existing DLL file to the new name and restart Outlook. If the problem resolved then it is ok and if doesn’t and continues to throw “Olmapi32.dll not found” or “olmapi32.dll missing” error message then simply use PST Repair software and this will surely rectify the problem using its sophisticated and powerful algorithm.

So, if your MS Outlook application is not working properly and throwing some error messages then simply use the above mentioned measures and rectify the problems instantly.

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