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How to resolve error message "olmapi32.dll is incompatible"?

Can I get rid of "olmapi32.dll is incompatible" error message?

Looking to rectify the error message "olmapi32.dll is incompatible"?

Olmapi32.dll is one of the most important DLL file which is required for the smooth and proper functioning of MS Outlook. It is MAPI32 program which is responsible for messaging service in Outlook. It is due to olmapi32.dll file which makes the accessing of mails and messages with the Outlook easy. But very often this DLL file becomes an easy prey of corruption or damage due to which many error messages arise. It is really very irritating when the error messages related to this DLL file appears out of nowhere which need to be resolved. Most common error message which appears due to Olmapi32.dll file is "Olmapi32.dll is incompatible".

This error message generally occurs when any new program is installed which either replaces or overwrites the older olmapi32.dll file with the new one or with the version that is incompatible with the other programs. So, any call to this DLL file by Outlook will result into incompatibility issue and finally "Olmapi32.dll is incompatible" error message is thrown. However, this is not the only reason due to which the above mentioned error message is flashed, other reasons are also there like –

  • Improper and unsuccessful installation of a program.
  • Hardware and software failure issues.
  • Corrupted registry values and so on.

An improper device or software installation can often damage the registry and lead to the error messages. In the registry damage, a fragment of typical registry data which has following series of characters: 8x00000569 (1000) gets changed and results into un-predictable glitch like "Olmapi32.dll is incompatible" error message. The loss of work thus happened due to damaged registry can be significant which may result into lose of access to the files and programs and reinstalling of the entire system need to be done. User can also try PST Repair tool to repair the olmapi32.dll file of MS Outlook.

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