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Olmapi32.dll Errors

How to get rid of olmapi32.dll errors?

DLL file olmapi32 is giving error. How to make it right?

Looking to rectify the error related to the olmapi32.dll file?

Is there any way by which this olmapi32.dll error message can be rectified?

Olmapi32.dll is a Microsoft MAPI32 program file which is known to cause an olmapi32.dll error message.Olmapi32.dll errors are the most common errors that a PC user might get at regular basis. This olmapi32.dll errors always occurs when any conflict or battle occurs in the path of operating system. Any attempt made to open any files and applications on the computer will result into popping up of olmapi32.dll errors on the screen. To rectify this olmapi32.dll error, some points need to be identified which has caused this error message.

Some of the common causes of olmapi32.dll errors are –

  • Removal of olmapi32.dll file while uninstalling any program.
  • Overwritten and replaced olmapi32.dll file either by its older version or with version which is compatible with other programs while
  • installing any application.
  • Hardware failure issues.
  • Incomplete or unsuccessful installation of application.
  • Virus attacks or an invasion which has deleted the olmapi32.dll file.
  • Corrupt or invalid olmapi32.dll entries in windows registry etc.

Due to these abnormal and incompetent reasons olmapi32.dll errors are likely to occur. Some of the very common olmapi32 error messages that PC users generally encounter are as follows –

  • "the file olmapi32.dll is incompatible with Microsoft Office Outlook"
  • "olmapi32.dll has wrong version".
  • "olmapi32.dll is blocking Outlook".
  • "olmapi32.dll caused an Outlook crash".
  • "error message in a small box : olmapi32.dll".
  • "olmapi32.dll security warning vulnerable DLL file" etc.

In order to rectify this error message user need to use very powerful and efficient tool which can effectively repair the olmapi32.dll error related issues, so use PST Repair software which has the capability to resolve this issue instantly.

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