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For the smooth and proper functioning of any application many important files are required. Any interruption in proper execution of these files may lead to abnormal behavior of the application. In fact if conditions like corruption or damage occur to the files then the application might not open or will not work properly. The same is the case with MS Outlook application in which when Olmapi32.dll file gets corrupt or damage its performance decreases considerably and in extreme cases it refuses to start as well. Users get to know about the problem when Olmapi32.dll related error messages are thrown. Some of the reasons of Olmapi32.dll corruption or damage are as follows –

  • Deletion of Olmapi32.dll while removing some other program.
  • While installing any program Olmapi32.dll file might get replaced or overwritten.
  • Logical or any physical error, like hardware failure.
  • Registry corruption or invalid entries for Olmapi32.dll.
  • Virus and spyware attacks might cause deletion of Olmapi32.dll file etc.

The issue discussed above is very critical and need to be resolved effectively for proper functioning of MS Outlook application. For that user need to download Olmapi32.dll file and replace it with the older corrupted or damaged one, so that Olmapi32.dll file related errors can be removed. But make sure that the fresh copy thus downloaded should be compatible to MS Outlook application and also with other programs.

For, genuine and fresh Olmapi32.dll download you need to visit the Microsoft’s official site from where you can get the latest version of Olmapi32.dll file which then can be further easily replaced with the older one. But in case there is problem related to the registry settings and registry itself then cleaning of registry is very important and for that try any registry cleaning product. But if the issue is with Outlook’s PST file then simply use PST Repair software and rectify the issue in seconds. This tool will effectively scans and repair the PST file and makes it function. So, if you want to fix the Olmapi32.dll file issue then simply download Olmapi32.dll file and replace it with the older one to get the desired result.

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