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DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files are libraries which contain data, code or resource in any combination to exhibit a particular behavior. DLL files are shared with different applications but there are also some DLL files which are created for a particular application only like Olmapi32.dll which is meant for MS Outlook only. Olmapi32.dll file is an Outlook MAPI32.program files whose file size is 2.8 MB. Its MD5 hash code is F43D94430FD80AEE9FB522B9041EB261 and is very important for proper and smooth execution of MS Outlook application. If this file gets corrupted or missed then it will result into several serious errors and the accessibility to MS Outlook’s data will be lost. So, in order to rectify this issue PST Repair software need to be used.

Olmapi32.dll is an Outlook MAPI32.program file which provides the messaging interface to the MS Outlook. MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) allows client program to become email and messaging enabled or aware by calling the MAPI subsystems with some messaging servers. Since it is an independent protocol, that’s the reason it is been incorporated with Outlook in the form of Olmapi32.dll to bless it with the functionality of messaging service. But at times this critical DLL file gets corrupted, damaged or missed due to number of reasons which makes the Olmapi32.dll un-mountable. Due to which Outlook refuses to start and the data stored in the PST file becomes inaccessible. Error messages also arise in this context, among which some of them are as follows –

  • "Olmapi32.dll has wrong version".
  • "Olmapi32.dll caused an Outlook crash".
  • "Olmapi32.dll is blocking Outlook".
  • "the file Olmapi32.dll is incompatible with Microsoft Office Outlook" etc.

These error messages clearly indicate that something wrong has happened to the Olmapi32.dll file due to which MS Outlook is showing some abnormal behavior. In order to rectify this issue and to make the DLL file functional users need to use any third party software say PST Repair. This software effectively repairs the PST files and Olmapi32.dll file either by renaming the file or by changing its version by adding some more specifications to it and making it up to date.

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